Success Stories

#1 Prabhat Kumar Rai, exchange student (during 2020) from Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India.

#1 Experience at ACPS Research Group at ICT, UiA: At first, it took a bit amount of time in the beginning to adjust with the Norwegian rules, as I come from a different environment. But those rules in Norway are pretty good for a better life. Specifically, the Norwegian traffic system is excellent, and I was impressed by these systems. Most of the people did not violate the traffic and other rules. Also, early to bed and early to rise policy is good for health but I am not fond of it. The environment and climate are excellent, I was able to breath clean air after a long time.  The study/ [ACPS research group] environment is excellent. Specifically, UiA has wonderful research environment, and I like Professor Linga Reddy and other colleagues encouragement and support towards my research. Notably, I learnt many things from them. Significantly, I like the professor’s dedication/devotion to research. Moreover, his teaching style and practical knowledge on mmWave radars are exquisite. Moreover, I like the helpful nature of other exchange students in ACPS group on professional as well as in personal life which helped me during my stay. Also, I’m not too fond of storage food culture and which is not good for health. I experience Norwegians are very innocent and hardworking people. Also, I observed most of them respect each other, even low cadre, and there is no professional discrimination. Overall, it is a wonderful experience in visiting ACPS research group at ICT, UiA, Campus Grimstad, Norway. I encourage all my juniors at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad not to miss such an excellent opportunity if they get a chance to work at ACPS research group, ICT, UiA, Norway.

#2 Jyoti Bhatia, exchange student (during 2020) from Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, India.

#2 Experience at ACPS Research Group at ICT, UiA: I was excited from the beginning since it was my first time abroad. I really liked the natural beauty of Norway, and the University campus is also beautiful. I was a bit nervous too in the beginning, but the faculty and ACPS team is really cooperative and friendly. The campus is at walking distance from the supermarkets, so never faced any difficulty in that case also, instead all those walks are so memorable to me.

The work environment of ACPS Research Group at UiA is excellent, and I really appreciate Professor Linga Reddy for his practical knowledge, dedication and encouraging behavior. He made all the arrangements required to complete the project even during the Covid time. He himself dedicated weekends specifically to help us in taking the real-time data readings. It was a wonderful experience, and I really enjoyed living there and working with such an enthusiastic ACPS group at the University of Agder in Norway.

#3 Aveen Dayal, exchange student (during 2020) from BML University, India.

#3 I have been working as a visiting researcher at the ACPS Research Group, Department of ICT, University of Agder, Norway under the supervision of Prof. Linga Reddy for almost 10 months now. I have worked on several projects in the field of Cyber Physical Systems and Autonomous Systems.

Throughout the entire term that I spent as a researcher at the ACPS group, my experience was very good. The work place environment is very relaxed and the faculty is very supportive. The technology present at the group/University is also state of the art with various latest radars, lidars etc. The research methodology followed is also very practical and at the lab we always tried to develop various algorithms and technologies with a focus on its implementation in real world.  

Working at the group has also given me a chance to learn about several concepts and has also provided me with various opportunities to help shape my career in the field of autonomous systems.

#4 Mehak Jindal, exchange student (during 2020) from BML University, India.

#4 I was a research intern at the ACPS Group, University of Agder, Campus Grimstad, Norway under the supervision of Prof. Linga Reddy and Prof. Ajit Jha for a period of 6 months. I was given an opportunity to work on the latest developmental projects for autonomous docking systems for ships.

I can confidently claim that my experience was very constructive. I was exposed to work with the latest technologies like LiDAR first hand. The faculty members are really supportive. Their time, advice and experiences kept me going all through the term. I believe inculcating real life scenarios is just as important as theory and the ACPS group and technologies, just provide the right environment to do so.

I am fortunate to have had the chance to work at ACPS group in UiA. It helped me explore several concepts and has been really valuable for my career development.